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mlean Production System benefits

Reduce costs by doing more with less resources, avoiding non-quality costs and delivering on time.

Empower your teams

Get people more engaged with a tool designed by people and for people.

Constantly working on the Gemba. Avoid non-added value activities +60 minutes per day per team leader.

Improve training and people skills with operators better prepared before getting to the workstation.

Improve the control of the shop floor

Guarantee factory goals alignment within the whole organization.

Manage your team skills and set the path towards standardization by improving the management of every workstation.

Facilitate the implementation of lean methodology: implement routines that will change the culture.

Enhance communication & visibility

Avoid out-of-date information by democratizing the information and making it always available and updated.

Effective action plan management : Improve traceability and visibility of the actions in progress.

Anticipate potential problems before they happen thanks to share lessons learned.

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